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Our loving team of veterinarians creates a full range of high performance pet supplements to help your dog have a life full of good health and lots of love. We use the best natural, holistic and organic ingredients in creating our products. At the same time, we want to make them affordable to you and your family.

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What You Need to Know About Hemp Seed in Your Dog’s Diet

With a long history in Old World cultures, hemp seed is hardly the new kid on the nutritional scene. Yet, we are only beginning to appreciate the potential health benefits of this fascinating food source. Technically a nut, this little seed is both rich in...

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Driving in a car with a dog is usually fun for both the dog and the owner, but it can be dangerous for a variety of reasons. However, safe transport of a dog can be possible by following these recommendations. 1. Use a carrier or harness seatbelt The safest way to...

10 Steps For Keeping Dogs Safe in the Summer

If it is too hot outside for you, then it is even hotter for your pet! Here are 10 precautions to be mindful of as the weather becomes warmer.1) Be able to recognize the signs of heat stress or heat stroke. If you see these signs after your pet has been in the heat,...

5 Signs Your Dog is Sick and Should See a Vet

Change in behavior. There are changes in behavior that can be associated with many types of illnesses or pain, and may indicate that your dog is suffering. Restlessness, agitation, hyper-activity Lethargic Abnormal sleeping habits Withdrawn, fearful, increase or...