Save 50%!
Save 50%!
  • What is Immune & Allergy Chew's Formula?

  • Do Immune & Allergy Chews prevent yeast and bacterial infection? The skin got dark spots from scratching.

  • Are Immune & Allergy Chews good for food allergies too?

  • Can Immune & Allergy Chews be used for allergies from vaccine?

  • What is the recommended serving?

  • What ingredients are inside Immune & Allergy Chews?

  • When will I start seeing results in my dog?

  • Can Immune & Allergy Chews be used for puppies?

  • Is this safe?

  • Is it safe even if my dog is on flea and tick medication?

  • Where do Immune & Allergy Chews made?

  • Is your 100% money-back guarantee real?

  • Will Immune & Allergy Chews work for my dog?

  • Do you ship internationally?

  • Will my payment details be secure?

Save 50%!