With a long history in Old World cultures, hemp seed is hardly the new kid on the nutritional scene. Yet, we are only beginning to appreciate the potential health benefits of this fascinating food source. Technically a nut, this little seed is both rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs) and high in digestible protein, making it a nutritional powerhouse. As pet parents, we are always looking for ways to support our best friend’s life quality and longevity. Seeking out natural alternatives that keep in line with current holistic trends can apply to our dogs too! Here are 6 benefits of hemp seed for dogs.

01 Heart Disease Prevention

It is estimated that 10% of dogs seen by veterinarians suffer from heart disease, and this increases up to 60% in aged dogs.

Hemp seed oil has been shown to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, providing owners with a natural alternative to support their pet’s heart health.

02 Optimal Diet Support

Hemp seed oil is a superfood packed with high quality, essential nutrients that pets need for on-going health and wellness.

03 Immune Support

Hemp seed oil has shown strong antioxidant properties that enhance immune function for pets and has even shown to inhibit cancerous tumor growth!

Research has found that the antioxidant properties of hemp seed oil supersedes those of other popular superfoods, such as flaxseed oil.

04 Natural & Organic

Using natural and organic ingredients allows pet parents to know that they are feeding their pets only the best ingredients.

05 Essential Fatty Acids

Hemp seed oil has been dubbed “Nature’s most perfectly balanced oil” due to its perfectly balanced 3:1 ratio of both Omega 3 and Omega 6, the required essential fatty acids (EFAs).

These 2 EFAs are vital for canine health and play a major role in healthy brain function, healing, growth, and development.

06 Reduces Inflammation

For many owners, watching their beloved pets struggling with chronic pain, such as arthritis, is heartbreaking.

Hemp seed oil is known to reduce pain and inflammation and reduce the need for anti-inflammatory medications, providing relief and improving quality of life for these pets.

Are you ready to help your dog live his or her best?

The benefits of hemp seed oil for pets are astounding, and, as researchers continue to discover additional health benefits, this natural superfood continues to gain a following. Providing your dog with hemp allows pet parents the ability to offer their pet the very best in holistic nutrition.

Veterinary Naturals creates “Hemp & Hips” for dogs with joint and mobility issues. To further the benefit of the hemp oil, we produce them in a unique no-heat cook method that maintains the integrity of added ingredients. This process ensures that pets are provided with all the benefits that this nutrient rich superfood has to offer.

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About the Author: Dr. Deborah Shores

Dr. Deborah Shores is a graduate of the Mississippi State University College of Veterinary Medicine. She has many years of experience working in animal hospitals and clinics from Virginia to South Carolina, treating mainly dogs and cats. She has a special interest in nutrition and holistic veterinary medicine.